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Octopus Year 2!

With every holiday there are traditions that I look forward to. Traditions I really enjoy, like halloween traditions. Then there are others that are a bit of a struggle for me. 

Since it’s October, let’s talk about Halloween!

Every year I make the kids costumes. This is a tradition I love. If they are store-bought, I usually add a homemade flare to make it better somehow.

The year we lived in Australia, I made Landon a Batman costume. It was complete with mask and cape, all constructed from black t-shirts, foam board and paint. He was the cutest, little homemade Batman ever. And he loved it too, I had to convince him to let me wash it. 

He doesn’t let me make him fun costumes anymore. The last time was during 5th grade. I managed to make him into a pretty great “Invisible Man.”

Adeline as Ace Ventura

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This runs in our family. My Mom always made us fun Halloween costumes growing up. My brother is a genius with cardboard, with most art supplies, actually.

I remember a Target commercial about a homemade Iron Man costume and how lame it was. I was offended; I thought, they have met my family yet. 

Brother as Iron Man

I’ve included a photo of my brother’s homemade Iron Man making-skills for you to fawn over.

It’s more than 2 weeks away from Halloween and my kids’ costumes are nearly done. And, I am enjoying it as usual. Creating is one of those things that is therapeutic for me.

The costumes, the photos, the downtown tricks-or-treats, I love it. I love it. I love it.

The candy, sugar highs and meltdowns? Unsubscribe. Unsubscribe. Unsubscribe.

The Great Pumpkin

To make the things I hate a little bit more bearable we have developed a tradition. We call it The Great Pumpkin. I wrote this silly little poem to introduce it to our patients in our office a few years ago:

Halloween is near and you know what that means,

Candy! Candy! Candy! And not so many greens.

Kids on a ‘Sugar High’, meltdowns for days,

Immune system suppressed, everyone’s in a sugar-induced haze.

The Great Pumpkin! The Great Pumpkin!

He comes at night,

Like Santa, he stays quietly out of sight.

Collect your candy, say “Trick or Treat!”

Then leave your candy outside your door, but not in your street.

He comes at night while you all sleep,

He’ll take the candy with him and leave a different treat.

One present for each bundle – candy no more!

Sugar highs are gone, no children melting on the floor.

Your immune system will thank you,

Your children will too.

The Great Pumpkin tradition is a great choice for you!

So there you have it. We trade candy for a present. They literally give me their candy. I don’t have to pry it from their sticky hands.

Here is what’s in store for our kids this year:

Oliver is getting a Bag of Balls since he LOVES to throw balls around. Gosh, 1-year-olds are so easy and fun to shop for!

Adeline is getting this fun educational ABC Game. We are always on board for having more games in our house.

Landon is a little harder, but he is a lover of simple things. Like Hot Chocolate and mini marshmallows. So, to pair with those sweet winter treats, we bought him this Fun Basketball Mug.

Now, Landon is older. And wiser. He does not subscribe to the Great Pumpkin the same way Adeline does. We will continue to offer that option to him, but Derek and I have decided to try something a little new this year.

Instead of letting him keep a few pieces of candy (a yearly negotiated number), that linger around the house. We are going to let him eat as much as he wants. On Halloween night, the rest goes in the trash. ::gasp!::

Listen, doing away with all the candy in one night removes the “dessert training” that happens yearly. And, allowing them to eat the multiple pieces will hopefully teach them some self-control. It will at least water the planted seed of “If I eat crap, I will feel like crap”.

Plus, if it lingers around the house, guess who eats it… Yup, me.

So there you have it! A useful tradition, some “food for thought”, and a few cute pictures of my family.

Happy Halloween!

…I’ll let you know if ours ends in puke.

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