I’m grateful to be on the Devotional Team at my church. And so, when I get to write one I will share it here with you as well. Because, we all need more of this in our life. Including me.
These devotionals not lengthy, but they are thought provoking. They are designed for you to print off and write in your own in prayer.
They ask questions to help you dive a little deeper into your relationship with Christ.
But, not so much that you feel as though you are drowning in things you don’t understand. I mean, who likes that?
I am grateful to say they are written by myself, but always checked and edited by a team of God-loving people. Those people make sure they are theologically accurate.
As they are posted, the older ones will fall towards the bottom.
Philippians 4
Straining Toward the Goal
Philippians 3
Ephesians 4

His work is finished… He sat down.Hebrews 1:3 Devotional