About Me


Welcome, let’s take time to get  to know one another. I’ll go first…

Hi. I’m Heather Marie, but you can call me Edda Marie.

I am a writer, artist (mostly on children’s chalkboards these days), and hugger. I love God, my family, my community, coffee, and the salt water.  Also, my children will tell you, I am extremely competitive at board games and hide-and-seek. I am.

For the first time in my life, I’ve put down roots in a tiny coastal town on the North Shore of Boston. Though I was born in Guam and raised around the world, this town is where my husband and I found God’s love. And so, it became home.

I value my faith, family, fun, traditions, generosity, gratitude, vulnerability, celebration and connection. Those last three, that’s what this page is about.

Pieces of my story will sound familiar to your own story or that someone you know. Honestly, that’s what I want. I want you to know that however unique we are, our stories are intertwined.

If we let them, our stories connect us all.

My honest hope is that my vulnerability will help you feel connected. And one day, we’ll celebrate a piece of this beautiful life together.